A. Pauline Rabeau

Art des Fibres

Pauline Rabeau was born into a family of artists in Germany.

In the 70’s she qualified as an interior designer. She also studied the history of art in Berlin and modelled for the fine arts classes in the art school. It was during this period the she became aware of her own artistic inspiration.

During the 1980’s, she settled in France and started to experiment with lambs’ fleeces and studied natural dyes, which enabled her to create her own colour range.

As from 1983, she set to work on her art and became a " master of fibres ". Using the technique she had devised of carefully dying the finest of silken and woollen threads and then laying them together, she transforms her fibres into a kind
of matter that gives her work both solidity and the most delicate transparency.

" … an art form that is quite out of the ordinary, where the soul and the heart meet with delight.. "

Pauline Rabeau has received a number of awards for her work and exhibits in France and abroad.
In 1991 her work was selected for the "Biennale des Femmes Peintres et Sculpteurs " at the Grand Palais in Paris.
In 1996 and 1997, she participated in the "France-Japan Art Festival" in Vals-les-Bains (Ardèche).

A. Pauline Rabeau - Le Mas F-07600 - St Andèol de Vals (Ardèche)